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Cash Purchase & Various Schemes

At Home Solutions we purchase below market value property (BMV) and have the resources to purchase your property swiftly if a quick sale is required and at no cost to yourself. We guide you through every step firstly assessing your situation. If the sale of your property is not in your best interest and other financial manipulation can avoid the sale of the property you will be advised accordingly. If the sale of the property is the preferred option then we can facilitate the purchase taking away any worry and financial burdens immediately from our first visit. One simple call to Home Solutions can set you free from the stress that a mortgage can impose on an owner whose circumstances have limited their ability to meet the monthly payments or who just want a quick cash sale with all the benefits this can provide.

Shared Ownership

In many cases although the property has to be sold a substantial amount of equity can still be released from the property and this can be manipulated to allow some of the equity to remain in the property giving the vendor a share in the capital growth of the property with a payback date agreed in the future.


Repossession can be a daunting and stressful experience and at no fault to the owner. At no expense Home Solutions can quickly provide solicitors to stop the repossession and then purchase the property to avoid repossession and maintain your credit rating. Even if you have a matter of days before the property is repossessed we can stop the repossession process and purchase the property.

Rent Back Schemes

With good intentions the government has set in place regulatory conditions concerning the Sale And Rent Back (SARB) schemes and unfortunately these regulations have had a very negative effect on the market. Companies offering SARB schemes now have to be registered with the Financial Services Authority and have to offer a large subscription for the privilege. For larger organisations this subscription is not a problem, but for smaller investors it is just not a viable option. The result is that a reduced number of property investors are in a position of being able to offer SARB services subsequently having the monopoly of the market and making much lower offers for property knowing that if the vendor wants to rent back they have little choice of companies to choose from.

It is much better to take a higher offer for your property and use the extra funds to move and enjoy a holiday than to give away the equity in your property just to stay in the same house. At Home Solutions we have decided not to offer rent back services but have many alternative schemes and if these schemes are not suitable for you we can guide you to a reputable company that will facilitate a SARB scheme rather than leave you at the mercy of some of the less reputable companies.

Lease Options

A scheme widely used in America Lease Option is a term used when the property is leased from the owner on a long term basis with a purchase completion date set year’s in advance. There are many benefits for both vendor and purchaser to these options and many variations on the basic theme of the options concept. The basic object of the scheme is to remove the stress of the mortgage from the owner of the property as soon as possible taking away the stress involved with the financial burden of a mortgage, stopping repossession if necessary and taking over the clients mortgage with third party authority to negotiate with the mortgage lender and settle any arrears if necessary. In most cases the procedure would include a small deposit being paid to the vendor who then is in a position to fund a rented property and move away from their problems with the peace of mind that the mortgage and property worries have been released to Home Solutions. The property would then be managed by Home Solutions with a long term completion date when the property would be purchased at the original agreed market value and the full funds would be released to the vendor.

There are many benefits and variations to these schemes and our representative will take as long as you require going through your options and choosing the scheme that is right for your individual situation.

Deceased Estates

Dealing with a deceased estate can be a very stressful time and Home Solutions can offer a service that deals with much more than just the purchase of the property. It is natural when dealing with a loved one’s property that has to be discarded to feel as if you are doing them an injustice and although this is far from the case we can help by distancing you from some of the process. We can sympathetically guide you through the process involved and once all items of sentimental or financial value have been removed from the property, Home Solutions can organise everything from the house clearance to the purchase and completion.

Refurbishment Properties

Whatever the condition of a property, Home Solutions can provide a cash offer to provide an outlet for vendors who have problems selling a property because of the state of disrepair or requirement for modernisation.